Help for Spice Users

Help for Spice UsersJoining the ranks of other man-made drugs, such as bath salts and Smiles, Spice is quickly becoming a commonly abused synthetic drug. As it comes in a small foil packet with leaves of different shades of brown, Spice appears to be just like regular marijuana. The effects of the drug mimic that of regular marijuana; however, they are much more intense and can be difficult to treat. Users can quickly become hooked on Spice, prompting the need for further addiction treatment.

Spice, like any other psychoactive drug, requires certain medical and psychological care for users, which can often be found in addiction treatment. Spice is still a new drug, and there are few programs designated to treating this specific addiction. However, general addiction treatment services can greatly benefit a Spice user who is looking to get sober. These services include the following:

  • Individual therapy – A major component of Spice addiction treatment is simply working one-on-one with a therapist. During these sessions, users can communicate freely, and therapists can help users understand why they became addicted. By working to get to the root of the problem, users can better understand their Spice addiction and avoid relapse by acknowledging their issues and actively working through them.
  • Group therapy – Group therapy is an excellent way for Spice users to begin to talk about their addiction with others. As Spice is still not widely abused, it can be helpful for Spice users to talk with other addicts as a way to relate their issues and provide further insight into this drug of choice. They can gain support from others and learn to encourage and support others as well.
  • Coping skills – In all aspects of therapy, including group sessions and individual meetings, Spice users must begin developing coping skills that prevent them from using again. These can include learning to manage triggers from outside sources, learning how to communicate their emotions in a positive way and developing a healthy routine to prevent them from wanting to use Spice again. These skills can be carried into users’ lives after they leave rehab, helping them maintain sobriety.
  • Continued care – Before Spice users leave rehab, it is important for them to develop a long-term plan to keep them from using again. This can include joining support groups in their area, keeping in contact with other users met in rehab and continuing therapy as they adjust back into the real world.

By addressing their addictive behaviors in a rehab setting, Spice users can begin to uncover the root of their addiction, gain support from others, learn how to cope with triggers and maintain their sobriety for the long haul.

Do You Need Help for a Spice Addiction?

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