PTSD and Medical Emergencies

PTSD and Medical Emergencies

PTSD may develop after a medical emergency, such as a car accident

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a debilitating mental disorder that can cripple emotional stability. It can be caused by a variety of occurrences, including military combat, violence, sexual assault, natural disasters, serious accidents and childhood abuse. Furthermore, it may also develop after a medical emergency, such as a gunshot wound, car accident or drug overdose. If you experience severe physical trauma and are being treated in an emergency setting, then you may fear for your life and develop severe anxiety that eventually leads to PTSD. Read more

What Are Alternatives to Inpatient Addiction Treatment

What Are Alternatives to Inpatient Addiction TreatmentOne of the main obstacles for attending inpatient rehab is leaving one’s comfort zone. Surrendering control of your life to a rehab center can be scary, especially if you do not know what happens in treatment. Although this new routine in rehab helps drug addicts quit, they may also benefit from outpatient addiction treatment, which usually includes individual and family therapy and other options. Find the options that work best for you and your loved ones to increase your chances of addiction recovery. Read more

Help for Spice Users

Help for Spice UsersJoining the ranks of other man-made drugs, such as bath salts and Smiles, Spice is quickly becoming a commonly abused synthetic drug. As it comes in a small foil packet with leaves of different shades of brown, Spice appears to be just like regular marijuana. The effects of the drug mimic that of regular marijuana; however, they are much more intense and can be difficult to treat. Users can quickly become hooked on Spice, prompting the need for further addiction treatment. Read more

Intervention Help in California

Intervention help in CaliforniaPlanning an intervention can be a daunting prospect, but you do not have to take it on alone.  There are many ways to reach out for intervention help in California.  Helplines and interventionists are two of the best resources for you at every stage of the process.
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