Why Rehab May Take More than One Attempt

Why Rehab May Take More than One Attempt

Multiple stints in rehab can give you the resolve to get and stay clean from drugs

Ask any recovering addict if it is easy to get clean from drugs, and the answer will be no, but sobriety is worth the effort. Addiction recovery is a lifelong process that requires constant tweaking not only from the recovering addict, but also from her loved ones. So, if you need more than one stay in rehab, it is not because you are a failure, but because you are due for an update.

Why Isn’t Treatment Just a One Time Occurrence?

Because they are difficult to achieve, sobriety and recovery are tremendous feats. Treatment may take more than one attempt for the following reasons:

  • Lifelong process
  • Life-changing events
  • Daily temptation

Recovery takes a lifetime to perfect, and it is impossible to know how you will react to certain circumstances, if you will use your coping skills through a life-changing event and etc. Each event could present new challenges, even to a veteran of sobriety, so you must constantly adjust your recovery to stay clean. In fact, some moments may occur wherein you cannot fight temptation any longer. It takes time to get and stay clean—the old saying “patience is a virtue” speaks volumes when it comes to recovery.

Steps to Help One Stay Sober

Recovery takes a lifetime to perfect, but you can take the following steps to avoid relapse:

  • Remain positive
  • Don’t overload yourself
  • Ask for help

You have the right to choose whether you will look at the positive or negative aspects of any situation, but you are more likely to resist relapse if you remain positive despite the circumstances. Such positivity can help you through specific stages of recovery, but negative thoughts can cause relapse with the smallest hurdles. Furthermore, recovering addicts often try to accomplish as much as fast as they can, but this mindset can make them miss several opportunities, and it can cause incredible stress due to workload or obligations. Both issues can spark relapse, so avoid them if possible. Lastly, because recovery is a lifelong process, you may occasionally need additional support to overcome a specific situation. Reach out and ask for help to avoid using drugs again.

Drug Addiction Treatment

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