Using Art Therapy to Overcome Trauma

Using Art Therapy to Overcome TraumaArt therapy is the convergence of two fields: art and psychotherapy. Art therapists help clients use the creative process to improve their mental health and emotional wellbeing. Although art therapy is an effective form of treatment for people of all ages, it is especially effective in children who may not have fully developed their verbal skills. Many children respond more positively to a creative activity than to a long conversation with a therapist. Art therapy is also useful for teenagers and adults who have adequate verbal skills but who have difficulty discussing certain struggles. When words fail, the clients of art therapists create images that express their unique experiences. These images can begin the process of emotional healing.

Art Therapy Helps Clients Recall and Process Traumatic Events

Art therapy is effective in the treatment of trauma. Those who have suffered traumatic events are often reluctant to discuss their experiences. They may repress any thoughts or particularly painful memories associated with the events. Oftentimes repression can be so severe that the client has no recollection of the traumatic events that he or she has experienced. Through art therapy, clients are often able to bring these events back to the surface of their consciousness. Although the recollection may be difficult at first, recognizing and processing the traumatic event is the first step to healing.

Art therapists facilitate the use of artistic mediums, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, or collage, to help their clients explore thoughts, memories, and emotions. Art therapists carefully plan each therapy session and choose mediums that are appropriate to their clients’ needs and therapeutic goals. The chief aim of the art therapist is to allow the client to voice his or her experiences at a comfortable pace that promotes healing.

By creating art, clients increase their self-awareness and gradually begin to cope with the symptoms of trauma. When clients express themselves through art, they can resolve internal conflicts, reduce stress, and increase self-esteem. Art therapy also enhances cognitive abilities and offers the affirmation of actualizing creative impulses. Some clients find so much satisfaction in creating images that their art becomes a lifelong hobby and emotional refuge.

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