Does a Celebrity’s Stay in Rehab Encourage Others to Get Treatment?

Does a Celebrity's Stay in Rehab Encourage Others to Get Treatment?Celebrities make the news often, but not always for positive reasons. Drug-related activity is more the norm than the exception when it comes to celebrity gossip. Teen celebrities, as well as adults, are seen going before judges, in police lineups and entering and exiting rehab on a regular basis. This type of attention can affect others struggling with drug addiction. Drug addiction and the attention-seeking behaviors that go along with it can send both positive and negative messages to those considering rehab for themselves, but California residents can benefit from positive celebrity examples to seek treatment. Read more

Using Art Therapy to Overcome Trauma

Using Art Therapy to Overcome TraumaArt therapy is the convergence of two fields: art and psychotherapy. Art therapists help clients use the creative process to improve their mental health and emotional wellbeing. Although art therapy is an effective form of treatment for people of all ages, it is especially effective in children who may not have fully developed their verbal skills. Many children respond more positively to a creative activity than to a long conversation with a therapist. Art therapy is also useful for teenagers and adults who have adequate verbal skills but who have difficulty discussing certain struggles. When words fail, the clients of art therapists create images that express their unique experiences. These images can begin the process of emotional healing. Read more

Four Ways that Rehab Improves Your Coping Skills

Four Ways that Rehab Improves Your Coping SkillsAddicts are encouraged to enter rehab to develop the techniques that will help them achieve and maintain sobriety. Each treatment facility has their own teaching style and techniques to help inform addicts. Research each treatment facility and make sure their techniques match your expectations. Read more

Gender-Specific Tracks for Addiction Recovery

Gender-Specific Tracks for Addiction RecoveryThere are many different aspects to an addiction treatment program, including what is referred to as “tracks”. Tracks are specific paths that recovering individuals take during their overall rehabilitation process, and are usually determined by their own personal, unique needs. Many addiction recovery programs have gender-specific tracks, which allow women and men to recover in single-sex environments. These tracks have proven to be highly effective for both men and women, and allow for a variety of different benefits for their recovery. California residents seeking addiction recovery should consider the benefits of gender-specific treatment. Read more

Am I Guaranteed Confidentiality during Addiction Treatment?

Am I Guaranteed Confidentiality during Addiction Treatment?Many California residents know of the laws and regulations that cover medical records, but they may know little about the laws concerning counseling sessions and addiction treatment. However, by knowing the level of confidentially that rehab centers offer, they may feel better about their decisions to enter private rehab programs. Read more

Find a Rehab That Actually Cares

Find a Rehab That Actually CaresAddiction recovery is an extremely difficult process steeped in emotional and physical stress. An uncaring or formulaic rehab experience can turn someone off to the whole idea of recovery. For those who know where to look, however, there are many treatment programs that help each individual patient with customized, carefully crafted treatment plans. These plans are executed with the utmost respect for the patients and the faculty has an unswerving commitment to the most effective treatments available.
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California Drug Rehab Centers

California drug rehab centersCalifornia is home to many of the nation’s top alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers.  Each year over 200,000 California residents seek treatment to help get free of paralyzing addictions to drugs and alcohol. They are able to do so in a variety of facilities suited to their particular needs and financial situations.
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