Importance of a Routine in Recovery

Importance of a Routine in Recovery

Establishing a daily routine is an important aspect of overcoming an addiction

Drug addiction impacts every facet of an individual’s life, including the people he spends time with and the places he goes. Drug use can become a fundamental part of a person’s daily behavior that affects almost every decision he makes. An individual struggling with an addiction often makes decisions that have negative consequences because he is so dependent on his drug of choice that he feels as if nothing is more important than drug use. In rehab, patients are provided with the tools they need to overcome their physical and psychological addiction and to stop living for substance abuse. In order to break away from the cycle of addiction, Californians seeking addiction recovery can establish a new routine that makes it easier to avoid the people, places and activities that foster his desire for drugs.

Recovery Offers the Promise of a More Stable, Successful Life

Giving up drug use can be overwhelming, especially at first. Initially, recovering users may be a little shocked by how different life seems without drugs. Drugs were such an important part of their previous lifestyle that they may feel bored or depressed without substance abuse. However, recovering individuals often find that the promise of a more stable, successful life is the motivation they need to keep striving for sobriety.

Routines Provide Comfort Amid Significant Life Change

Falling into the swing of sobriety takes time, but finding joy in a sober lifestyle is a deeply rewarding experience. Establishing a routine early in recovery provides the individual with comfort and helps stave off depression and boredom. Routines help a person know what to expect, which in turn helps the individual keep stress levels down. When people are able to keep their stress under control, they are less likely to experience a relapse. A recovering individual’s routine should include support group meetings, sober social events, work, school, hobbies, exercise, preparing healthy food and other positive activities that can work together to build an enjoyable sober lifestyle.

Following a Routine Fosters Success

Most importantly, routines can help recovering drug users avoid relapse, but routines have many more benefits as well. Following a routine can help recovering addicts in California find more fulfillment and enjoyment in daily life, because with a routine, individuals do not feel lost, listless or wistful. A routine gives recovering addicts a sense of purpose. Following a routine can even help individuals be more successful in their endeavors. Routines foster character qualities such as organization, dependability and responsibility. Each of these qualities are trademarks of individuals who are hardworking and capable of establishing success. However, a person should not stick too strictly to a routine, and should be willing to break from it when new opportunities arise. If a person becomes so stuck in his routine that he does not deviate from it even for a positive reason, such as to celebrate a promotion at work, then his routine can end up holding him back from reaching his full potential.

Need Help Finding High Quality Treatment for Drug Addiction?

If you or someone you love in California is addicted to drugs or alcohol, please don’t feel that you are alone or that no one can help. We want you to know that help is always available. Please feel free to call our toll free helpline to learn more about how to fight addiction. Our helpline is open 24 hours a day.

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