Does a Celebrity’s Stay in Rehab Encourage Others to Get Treatment?

Does a Celebrity's Stay in Rehab Encourage Others to Get Treatment?Celebrities make the news often, but not always for positive reasons. Drug-related activity is more the norm than the exception when it comes to celebrity gossip. Teen celebrities, as well as adults, are seen going before judges, in police lineups and entering and exiting rehab on a regular basis. This type of attention can affect others struggling with drug addiction. Drug addiction and the attention-seeking behaviors that go along with it can send both positive and negative messages to those considering rehab for themselves, but California residents can benefit from positive celebrity examples to seek treatment.

Negative Celebrity Influence for Drug Abuse

Celebrities can keep others from drug treatment. By entering treatment regularly without any real life changes, celebrities send a message that treatment programs do not always work. This can discourage California residents who have yet to try rehab from finding a program that works for them. Reality television programs as well as entertainment news can show celebrities taking treatment lightly as they leave programs only to return again. Celebrity rehab is taken in a light-hearted way by those who continue to have legal trouble, as they enter rehab as part of a plea deal or to simply comply with probation. Entering and leaving rehab makes other drug addicts see treatment as a joke or as an option that does not work. California residents who struggle with addiction need to understand that rehab can be the beginning of a new life free from the control of drug addiction. However, relapse is often a part of treatment, so do not underestimate the strength of addiction because people seen repeated bouts in rehab.

Positive Celebrity Drug Treatment

Although many celebrities take addiction treatment lightly, others go into rehab and come out truly changed. These celebrities encourage others through their struggles and victories to get into a treatment program and get the help they need. Watching someone who has widespread influence succeed in a treatment program—whether a movie star, political figure or sports hero—lets others know there is hope and healing when it comes to drug addiction. California residents can recover with the right help and inspiration.

Addiction Help for California Residents

Celebrities who succeed in rehab programs helps others see that a life free from addiction is possible. If you or a California loved one struggles with addiction, our admissions coordinators are here to help you. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to speak with an admissions coordinator about your questions on treatment.

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