California Drug Rehab Centers

California drug rehab centersCalifornia is home to many of the nation’s top alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers.  Each year over 200,000 California residents seek treatment to help get free of paralyzing addictions to drugs and alcohol. They are able to do so in a variety of facilities suited to their particular needs and financial situations.

Types of California Drug Rehab Centers

If you are looking for California drug rehab centers, you have several options available.

  • Luxury rehab centers. These are costly options, but have the benefit of being the most private. Many do not report any statistics on admissions whatsoever, and are able to maintain the confidentiality of some of Hollywood’s top stars.  If you can afford a luxury rehab center, you will enjoy both the privacy and all the concessions made to make recovery as smooth and peaceful a process as possible.
  • Outpatient hospitals and drug treatment programs. These options are mostly designed for those who cannot afford a lengthy inpatient stay or who cannot afford to take a month off from work school or other responsibilities.  Though it is not ideal to spend your first few weeks of treatment in the same environment in which your problems were present, California has some of the best centers for dealing with this option if you don’t have an alternative.
  • Teen drug and alcohol rehab centers. Teens with drug and alcohol problems often find it easiest to relate to others of their own peer group and will benefit from the group therapy aspects of most teen rehab centers.  There may also be programs in place that promote education and aim to facilitate a return to school with better skills and coping strategies.
  • Sober living programs. These are often very intimate private options where a small number of residents take complete responsibility for the daily maintenance of their own home.  There are daily group sessions and therapy, but residents also stay active and develop better habits through work.
  • Wilderness programs. In addition to all of the more traditional therapeutic aspects of rehab, participants benefit from intense physical activity and being far away from all of the stresses and negative aspects of their lives.
  • Executive rehab centers. These high-end luxury programs are expensive and exclusive. Benefits include highly customized therapy and spa-like amenities.
  • Gender-specific rehab centers. Many therapists agree that it is easier to begin recovery when you are not exposed to many of the common stresses and temptations that occur around members of the opposite sex. It is often easier to focus on the treatment you need.
  • Faith-based treatment centers. Many 12-step programs refer to a higher power and encourage spirituality. There are faith-based treatment centers that focus on spirituality as an essential part of the recovery process.

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