Am I Guaranteed Confidentiality during Addiction Treatment?

Am I Guaranteed Confidentiality during Addiction Treatment?Many California residents know of the laws and regulations that cover medical records, but they may know little about the laws concerning counseling sessions and addiction treatment. However, by knowing the level of confidentially that rehab centers offer, they may feel better about their decisions to enter private rehab programs.

Records for Mental Health vs. Medical Records

There are stricter regulations related to mental health records than for other medical records, which should comfort California drug addicts who are considering going to rehab. Many people wonder if their information from counseling sessions is confidential and if their insurance provider will receive a copy of the therapist’s notes. However, special protections offer privacy for psychotherapy notes, which means that unless you have given your express written consent, in most cases your notes cannot be disclosed to any person or company. What this also means is that your insurance companies cannot place conditions on your eligibility to enter into a private rehab program based upon the notes your counselors make. In other words, drug addicts can get insurance coverage for rehab regardless of a therapist’s notes.

Can Medical Information Be Disclosed without a Patient’s Consent?

During private addiction treatment, it is important to recognize which rules apply to your unique situation. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) outlines regulations for disclosing your personal information. Some of the permitted disclosures under HIPAA include the following examples:

  • Public health reporting that could include information related to diseases or vital statistics
  • Disclosures that relate to domestic violence, child abuse, neglect or other forms of injury
  • Disclosures that are an important part of judicial or administrative proceedings, along with a court subpoena
  • Disclosures that will be used for law enforcement purposes
  • Disclosures that can be used to avert a threat to the safety or health of others

Mental health professionals typically adhere to their professional codes of ethics when deciding whether disclosures are necessary or appropriate in a situation. Every therapist takes different notes, so Californians can feel comfortable discussing them with a rehab center before beginning treatment. In a private rehab program, you should get all the information you need to feel secure. You can feel completely comfortable to approach your recovery in an environment that protects your confidentiality.

Help for California Drug Addicts

To find a private rehab facility that will assure your confidentiality, please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline. Your discussions with our counselors are completely confidential, and will provide you with resources for finding the best addiction treatment for you. Your privacy is important to us, so call us today to find the right treatment you need.

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