Santa Monica Intervention Help

Santa Monica, CA Intervention HelpAfter alcohol, marijuana addiction is the next most common reason people seek drug treatment in Santa Monica, CA and across the US. Many of these cases are court-mandated, because treatment is often offered as an alternative to jail time for cases of illegal possession.  But there are also hundreds of thousands of cases where family and friends of individuals who smoke marijuana feel that their loved ones’ lives are being adversely affected.  Intervention is one of the most effective techniques for addressing their concerns and convincing the Santa Monica addicts to seek treatment and change their behavior.

Santa Monica, CA Intervention Help for Marijuana Users

More so than with any other drug, Santa Monica marijuana users are often able to believe that they do not have a problem.  Even alcoholics who deny they have a problem are likely more aware that alcoholism is real and that they may suffer from it, while marijuana addiction is often scoffed at by users.  One of the reasons is that there is much less of a physical component to an addiction to marijuana.

Drugs like heroin and meth as well as alcohol are all highly addictive physically, and it becomes obvious immediately that you are going through withdrawal if you stop taking the drug.  In fact, with these drugs, it can be dangerous and even fatal to stop cold turkey and medical supervision is highly recommended for detox and recovery. There is no such danger with marijuana addiction.  When someone who smokes a lot of pot doesn’t use any for a while, they may get irritated, anxious, depressed or sleepless but most of these symptoms can be ignored or explained away.

Getting Santa Monica, CA Intervention Help for the Psychological Aspects of Addiction

None of this actually means that marijuana is not addictive or cannot be abused.  The addictive aspect is psychological.  Addicts feel that pleasure and sensory awareness are increased and they are loathe to give up that feeling.  Few of them understand, however, that the tradeoff is a long-term loss of cognition and memory.   While other drugs’ effects stop within hours, the loss of memory and mental function can last for weeks after a single episode of smoking marijuana.  Regular users are often operating at a sub-standard level of brain activity.

Most often, family members and friends become concerned that the user has lost interest in his previous passions and stopped making much of an effort at work or school.  If this sounds familiar, call (888) 371-5722 for Santa Monica, CA intervention help for marijuana or any other drug.  Experts will help you with everything from planning an intervention to evaluating treatment options.

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