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Santa Barbara, CA Intervention HelpHeroin is one of the most addictive and dangerous drugs available in Santa Barbara, CA and across the US.  There are a number of reasons for this, including the quick development of tolerance, the most common methods for taking the drug, the possible medical complications and the physical symptoms of withdrawal.  If you know someone who abuses heroin, or even someone who claims to use it casually, an intervention is warranted.

Dangers of Heroin Use for Santa Barbara Addicts

Heroin is most commonly injected, which means a dramatic increase in the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.  Heroin has significant effects on respiration, which means pulmonary complications are possible.  Veins can collapse, the heart can become infected, and the liver and kidneys can be compromised.  Even if the user escapes these dire consequences, the effects of heroin on quality of life are dismal.  Loss of interest in almost all relationships and activities is common, and an inability to hold a job or fulfill obligations at school or home becomes increasingly common over time.

It is particularly important for a heroin user to be under the care of a medical professional when getting clean because withdrawal is physically dangerous.  The worst symptoms usually last for up to three days and may last more than twice that. The pain can be severe, accompanied by uncontrolled spasms, cold flashes, insomnia, vomiting and extreme despair.  Sudden withdrawal is the most dangerous and can be fatal if dependency is advanced.

Santa Barbara, CA Intervention Help for Detox and Rehabilitation

The highest risk is for users who decide to quit “cold turkey,” whether they have a sudden desire to get clean or someone in their life has compelled them to do so.  It would be counterproductive to hold a Santa Barbara, CA intervention that did not lead directly to detox and treatment in a medical facility as withdrawal can be so dangerous and relapse is so likely.  With professionally supervised detox, the addict may be administered other drugs in moderation to help her “step down” and will have round-the-clock care from both medical and therapeutic doctors.  A lengthy inpatient stay is recommended to help the addict become physically weaned and psychologically adjusted to sobriety.

According to NIDA, the National  Institute on Drug Abuse, heroin use is slowly but steadily on the rise.  Do not wait another day if you think someone you love has a problem with heroin or any other drug.  Santa Barbara, CA intervention help is available 24 hours a day via our helpline at (888) 371-5722.  The call is free, confidential and anonymous, and you will receive expert help finding an interventionist and treatment options.

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