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San Francisco, CA Intervention HelpRecent years have seen an increase in concern over methamphetamine, or meth, abuse.  A National Institute on Drug Abuse survey found that over one million Americans had used meth at least once the previous year, and that at least one in 100 adolescents had tried it.  Meth is dangerous and highly addictive; it also has different traffic and abuse patterns than many other drugs. Like other big cities, San Francisco has struggled with meth use within its borders.

Dangers of Methamphetamine Use for San Francisco Addicts

Meth can be made from ingredients that are commonly available in San Francisco and other cities.  Over-the-counter cold medicines contain the main ingredient, and grocery stores sell everything else that is necessary. The end product is cheaper than any other street drug and the high lasts significantly longer.  In some cases, the high lasts a full 24 hours, which is easily four times longer than the high from crack or cocaine.

Meth is particularly dangerous for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Since it is made in a variety of home labs, there is absolutely no consistency in ingredients or strength.  Some dealers will cut pure meth with other substances, some of which are banal but others that are toxic.  When you have no idea the strength of the drug you are taking, the danger of overdosing increases.
  • Though it can be snorted or swallowed, injection is a popular method of taking the drug to ensure the most powerful high. As with other drugs taken intravenously, the chances of contracting a fatal disease such as HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis C are increased.
  • Meth is known to lower inhibitions and impair judgment.  Users often engage in risky behaviors, both sexual and illegal.
  • Meth completely destroys your brain’s ability to produce dopamine.  Once this happens, the only way the user can ever feel something he identifies as pleasure or happiness is while high.  This makes the psychological addiction overwhelming and the relapse rate one of the highest of all substances abuse problems.
  • San Francisco meth addicts can easily go on runs that last multiple days. This increases the problems associated with drug use many times over, from neglecting work or school to neglecting health and wellness.
  • Meth can cause psychotic episodes that lead to aggressive behavior or hallucinations.  The addict can harm himself or others while not in his right mind.

It is crucial to get a San Francisco meth addict the best possible care in order to safeguard his health and decrease the chances of relapse.  Intervention is the first step toward recovery and if you are looking for San Francisco, CA intervention help, you can call (888) 371-5722 any time.  Experts can answer any drug or alcohol addiction questions you may have and direct you to resources that can help you stage a successful intervention.

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