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San Diego, CA Intervention HelpIf you are looking for San Diego, CA intervention help, hiring an interventionist is the single most important choice you can make.  Though many people know about interventions — or think they know — few are aware that there is an entire field of study devoted to the successful practice of interventions for drugs, alcohol, gambling and other addictive behaviors.

Get San Diego, CA Intervention Help from a Professional Interventionist

Interventionists almost always begin in a discipline with ties to addiction treatment.  Some have training as psychiatrists or psychologists.  Some are medical doctors.  Some are social workers who have served a community with substance abuse problems.  Some are even administrators who have worked with drug treatment or rehabilitation programs.   In every case, however, they choose to undergo additional training in order to be certified as an interventionist to help get addicts into treatment.

There are two main organizations that offer certification for interventionists.  The Association of Intervention Specialist Certification Board (AISCB) and the National Association of Dug and Alcohol Interventionists (NADAI) both have their own programs and essentially similar guidelines.  AISCB requires some classwork, field experience or professional work that is supervised and reviewed, a disciplinary review and voluntary commitment to the Registered Interventionist Code of Ethics.  Both ASCB and NADAI will evaluate applicants on a case-by-case basis to determine whether their years of professional experience in a related field should count significantly toward a certificate in interventionism.

What Can a San Diego, CA Interventionist Do?

An interventionist will have a unique skill set that is designed to help families, friends and the addict.  The success of an intervention often depends on planning, specifically in regard to what everyone says to the addict and what arrangements they have made for treatment.  An interventionist will typically ask everyone attending the intervention to meet multiple times prior to the event in order to prepare what they want to say and to practice communicating effectively.  Many people holding an intervention would be likely to get too forceful and accusatory or too weepy and distraught.  An interventionist is trained to keep the tone calm and productive.

It is also important to take the San Diego addict straight from the intervention into treatment.  This means you have to select a facility, book a room and make a down payment all without input from the addict.  An interventionist knows a variety of treatment options and can help you make the most informed decision within your budget.

Call (888) 371-5722 for San Diego, CA intervention help.  You can learn more about staging an intervention and get in contact with a certified interventionist to begin the process.

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