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Monterey, CA Intervention HelpOne of the most important parts of staging an intervention in Monterey, CA is knowing the options available for treatment. Any interventionist or addiction counselor will tell you that your chances of getting the addict successfully into treatment decrease dramatically if you let her leave the intervention and go back to her normal life for a period of time.  Even if it’s “just for a day or two” to tie up some loose ends or prepare to be away, most addicts will feel overwhelmed at the changes they are considering and fall back on the addictive behaviors to escape the pressure and fear.

That is why it is best to have a specific plan in place prior to staging your Monterey, CA intervention.  In many cases, treatment centers require that you reserve a bed in advance of admission with a down payment.  This means that you will likely be making the choice of where to go and for how long on behalf of the addict.  You will likely have to figure out how to pay for the treatment, as well.  You can start by becoming aware of the different types of treatment facilities and programs that you might consider. You have plenty of options in the area surrounding Monterey, such as nearby Los Angeles.

Different Types of Treatment Programs for Monterey, CA Addicts

  • Hospitalization for detox and then daily supportive group meetings. This option is one of the least costly, and some families will find it necessary if money is tight. Almost every city in the US has local chapters of a 12-step program like AA or NA. Some people are uncomfortable with the faith-based elements of AA, and will be more comfortable in a cognitive-based support group like SMART or a balanced secular program like SOS or LifeRing.
  • Sober living homes. While some people enjoy the tranquility of a spa-like environment for recovery, others would like to be busy, practicing the life skills they will need to stay sober when they go home.  Sober living homes are usually run by the residents and everyone is expected to contribute to upkeep of the property. These are a good option after you have completed a stay in residential rehab.
  • Luxury or executive rehab centers. These are usually exclusive private facilities.  With everything from gourmet food to golf courses and steam rooms, these centers ease the difficulties of detox and early recovery.

If you need Monterey, CA intervention help, call (888) 371-5722 to learn more about both local and national treatment options.

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