Los Angeles Intervention Help

Los Angeles, CA Intervention HelpEmployer interventions for substance abuse and addictions are becoming increasingly popular. In the past, work colleagues or employers might have been aware that someone in the office had a problem but they rarely talked openly about it or tried to help. Sometimes they felt as though it was not their place. They assumed that family or friends would be better suited to undertaking an intervention and found the whole matter awkward. Employees were just left to flounder and frequently lose their jobs if their performance was severely hindered by their addiction.

The Advantages of Workplace Interventions for Los Angeles Addicts

Current changes in attitude toward employer interventions have had a positive effect on both employees and companies. When an employee is fired or stops attending work, it costs both time and money to conduct a job search and train a replacement. In addition to saving you that time and money, helping the employee so he can keep his job has a positive effect on morale and loyalty throughout the company.

The fact is, many employees in this situation may not have family or friends in Los Angeles to conduct the intervention. Someone who is single or divorced will not have people at home to notice all the signs of addiction, and friends may not realize there is a more significant problem just because someone drinks to excess when they are out at a restaurant or bar. If you notice that someone in your office is displaying signs of addiction, you should not be afraid to consider a Los Angeles workplace intervention.

Addressing the Concerns of an Employer Intervention in Los Angeles, CA

There are concerns that are specific to holding a workplace intervention in Los Angeles, CA. Determining who should attend an intervention is always one of the most important steps, because it should consist of people who have something meaningful to say and who are meaningful to the addict. The addict must also feel real comfort and trust with the people there in order to be able to listen and share her own thoughts without becoming too afraid or defensive.

Privacy is a related concern. Not everyone in the company needs to know about the intervention and you certainly do not want anyone walking in on it while it is taking place. Scheduling the intervention off site in a rented room is one idea. If you must hold it at work, make sure that it appears on schedules as a meeting and that it is in a secure location.

If you would like Los Angeles, CA intervention help for a workplace intervention, call (888) 371-5722. You can ask any initial questions you have and get in contact with a skilled interventionist in Los Angeles to help you through the rest of the process.

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