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Anaheim, CA Intervention HelpThere is no single way to conduct an intervention for the addict in your life.  The term “intervention” has been in common usage since the 1960s, when Dr. Vernon Johnson pioneered the method, referred to as the Johnson method.  For over three decades, Johnson model interventions were been the standard, and the only method by which you would be able to get any professional assistance or find any reading materials.

The defining feature of a Johnson-model intervention is a single event where people from the addict’s life confront him/her and give an ultimatum that their behavior must change or else face consequences.  While it is not recommended that the tone be aggressive or that anyone try to force the addict to take action, interventions of this type often feel like an ambush to the addict no matter what is said or done.  Concern over this form of intervention has escalated along with an increasing number of reports of interventions that ended in addicts being physically forced to go to a treatment facility.

Systemic Interventions for Anaheim Addicts

Newer forms of intervention have been emerging since the 1990s.  Many of them fall under the category of systemic models, as first defined by Wayne Raiter. The idea is that there is not a single intervention event, and therefore no sense of ambushing the addict.  The focus is on what the people in the addict’s life can do in order to encourage the positive changes they seek.

This essentially deals with enabling behaviors. In most cases, when family and friends look at their actions with the help of an interventionist, they discover that they are doing a number of things that allow the addict to escape from the full consequences of her problem.  Obvious enabling behaviors include giving the addict money or a place to stay. Less obvious, but equally harmful, are things like making excuses for the addict or covering when the addict doesn’t do what she is supposed to at school or work.

Gradual Change Interventions for Anaheim Addicts

At the beginning of a systemic intervention, you don’t even tell the Anaheim addict that you are all working together or have an ultimatum in mind. You simply change your own behavior in order to change the environment for the addict.  If they ask what you are doing or why things are changing, the appropriate response is that you are no longer going to enable the addiction, while giving the addict some time to process that knowledge. The hope is that the addict will gradually come to the realization that behaviors must change since the world around them has altered. Systemic interventions increase the chance that the addict wants to get help.

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