Santa Monica Intervention Help

Santa Monica, CA Intervention HelpAfter alcohol, marijuana addiction is the next most common reason people seek drug treatment in Santa Monica, CA and across the US. Many of these cases are court-mandated, because treatment is often offered as an alternative to jail time for cases of illegal possession.  But there are also hundreds of thousands of cases where family and friends of individuals who smoke marijuana feel that their loved ones’ lives are being adversely affected.  Intervention is one of the most effective techniques for addressing their concerns and convincing the Santa Monica addicts to seek treatment and change their behavior. Read more

Santa Barbara Intervention Help

Santa Barbara, CA Intervention HelpHeroin is one of the most addictive and dangerous drugs available in Santa Barbara, CA and across the US.  There are a number of reasons for this, including the quick development of tolerance, the most common methods for taking the drug, the possible medical complications and the physical symptoms of withdrawal.  If you know someone who abuses heroin, or even someone who claims to use it casually, an intervention is warranted. Read more

San Jose Intervention Help

San Jose, CA Intervention HelpAddiction to prescription drugs is a problem that is often misunderstood and rarely discussed.  In fact, it is not less common than addictions to many street drugs such as heroin, cocaine, crack and meth, and it is just as dangerous. Just because a drug can be prescribed by a doctor does not mean the potential for physical and psychological addiction is not serious. Prescription drug addiction is an issue in San Jose, CA, just like it is in many cities across the US. Read more

San Francisco Intervention Help

San Francisco, CA Intervention HelpRecent years have seen an increase in concern over methamphetamine, or meth, abuse.  A National Institute on Drug Abuse survey found that over one million Americans had used meth at least once the previous year, and that at least one in 100 adolescents had tried it.  Meth is dangerous and highly addictive; it also has different traffic and abuse patterns than many other drugs. Like other big cities, San Francisco has struggled with meth use within its borders. Read more

San Diego Intervention Help

San Diego, CA Intervention HelpIf you are looking for San Diego, CA intervention help, hiring an interventionist is the single most important choice you can make.  Though many people know about interventions — or think they know — few are aware that there is an entire field of study devoted to the successful practice of interventions for drugs, alcohol, gambling and other addictive behaviors. Read more

Sacramento Intervention Help

Sacramento, CA Intervention HelpAlcoholism is a serious disease and can take many forms.  A steady, long-term dependence is most commonly identified as a disease and frequently has the most tragic consequences for family and friends of the alcoholic.  Binge drinking is technically not alcoholism but classified as alcohol abuse.  It can be as serious a substance abuse problem as taking street drugs and can be addressed with many of the same resources and tools that apply to long-term alcoholism and substance abuse. If you have a friend struggling with binge drinking in Sacramento, an intervention may be in order. Read more

Monterey Intervention Help

Monterey, CA Intervention HelpOne of the most important parts of staging an intervention in Monterey, CA is knowing the options available for treatment. Any interventionist or addiction counselor will tell you that your chances of getting the addict successfully into treatment decrease dramatically if you let her leave the intervention and go back to her normal life for a period of time.  Even if it’s “just for a day or two” to tie up some loose ends or prepare to be away, most addicts will feel overwhelmed at the changes they are considering and fall back on the addictive behaviors to escape the pressure and fear.
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Los Angeles Intervention Help

Los Angeles, CA Intervention HelpEmployer interventions for substance abuse and addictions are becoming increasingly popular. In the past, work colleagues or employers might have been aware that someone in the office had a problem but they rarely talked openly about it or tried to help. Sometimes they felt as though it was not their place. They assumed that family or friends would be better suited to undertaking an intervention and found the whole matter awkward. Employees were just left to flounder and frequently lose their jobs if their performance was severely hindered by their addiction. Read more

Long Beach Intervention Help

Long Beach, CA Intervention HelpFriends are in a unique position to understand if someone has an addiction. Addicts often try very hard to hide their problems from family at home and colleagues at work. Friends, however, are privy to the choices that an addict makes from day to day. They know whether an old friend is becoming increasingly distant or moody. They see whether someone is making bad decisions about sexual behavior. They know when someone is too impaired to drive after leaving a party.
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Hollywood Intervention Help

Hollywood, CA Intervention HelpThere are a number of difficult questions you may be dealing with if you are thinking about staging a Hollywood, CA intervention. Many resources will talk you through the basics, such as getting friends and family together, preparing what you want to say with examples of problem behaviors and how you feel about the addict’s actions, and having a treatment facility prepared so you can take the addict there directly from the intervention. These are all very general concepts however, and specific issues may leave you feeling overwhelmed.
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