What to Do on the Day of an Intervention

What to Do on the Day of an InterventionThe purpose of intervention is to present an addicted loved one with the opportunity to seek treatment. On the day of intervention it is important to remember the reasons behind the intervention. Interventions are emotional, so the night before make sure you sleep, eat breakfast and have time to acknowledge what the day might offer. You need to acknowledge that there is a possibility that the loved one will reject your offer, and you need to be prepared to stand by any ultimatums or consequences you set. Remain calm during the day of the intervention, and support everyone that is involved.

The Steps of an Addiction Intervention

The actual intervention may only take a short amount of time, but planning for an intervention takes days or weeks. Hire a professional interventionist to make the planning process as efficient and effective as possible. With the help of an interventionist decide on specific consequences for continued drug use. Members of the intervention need to set boundaries and define consequences, if the addict refuses the gift of recovery help and continues to abuse drugs instead. Further prepare for the intervention by writing down what you want to say. Each family member may be asked to write a letter or note that will be read to the addict on the day of the intervention. This letter should include good memories as well as current struggles and should illustrate how the addiction has affected lives and relationships. Interventions are emotional events, but this emotion can be used to a purpose. Objective interventionists can guide all participants and help convince addicts to accept the need for addiction treatment and to embrace offers of recovery support.

Who Benefits from an Addiction Intervention?

An intervention can help anyone who is struggling with an addictive behavior. Most addicts do not see the negative effects that the addiction has caused, or they are able to deny, ignore or overlook these effects. Do not wait for your loved one to ask for help. An intervention gives a loved one a new chance at life. Once he or she enters a treatment facility, life will change for the better. Addicts are given the knowledge and tools that enable them to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Addiction Recovery and Intervention Resources

Learn more about how an intervention can benefit you and your loved one. We are here 24 hours a day to provide information, and we can connect you with professional interventionists and top quality recovery programs. We have knowledgeable recovery counselors standing by 24 hours a day to answer all your addiction and intervention questions. Please call now.

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