Top Intervention Models

Top Intervention ModelsRecovery from substance abuse begins when the addict realizes his problem, but sometimes he needs a reminder that his community does not hate him for his substance abuse. An intervention is about wanting a loved one to find addiction treatment, and any of the several intervention models can help.

What Is the Johnson Intervention Model?

According to the Johnson model, the addict has so thoroughly and involuntarily surrounded herself with excuses that she is unable to see how devastating her behavior is. An interventionist trained in this model will guide the addict’s community in bringing her to a fork in the road. The steps of this model are as follows:

  • The group finds an interventionist that they trust
  • Unbeknownst to the addict, the group researches addiction and its specific effects on their loved one
  • They examine and select workable treatment options
  • The group lovingly informs the addict that they believe she needs help
  • They present her with a choice: seek recovery, or live with their withdrawn support

The Johnson model is not meant to frighten or bully the addict, but instead to let her know that the community wants to help her escape the trap of substance abuse.

What Is The Arise Intervention Model?

Unlike the Johnson model, the Arise intervention model involves the addict from the beginning. Those involved proceed through systematic steps, stopping the intervention as soon as the addict agrees to enter treatment, and assisting him from there. The following are the steps of an Arise intervention:

  • A concerned loved one contacts an interventionist for advice on how the group should confront the addict
  • If the addict does not enter treatment after the first meeting, the group plans other meetings
  • If he still resists treatment after about five meetings, the next meeting establishes consequences if he does not choose a recovery plan

This model is attractive to those who oppose going behind the addict’s back to organize an intervention.

What Is the Invitational Intervention Model?

The Invitational intervention model is unique in that it involves the addict’s whole family, so that she does not feel as intimidated as she might by an intervention focused on her. These are the steps of an Invitational intervention:

  • A family member finds an interventionist to prepare the family for the process
  • The interventionist gives the family homework on addiction and the role of family in an addict’s life
  • Together they plan a workshop in which each attendee will be assigned a lifestyle change to make, which will change the family dynamic to disable addictive tendencies
  • One family member is chosen to invite the addict to participate in the workshop
  • The interventionist presents the family with changes to make and treatment options to pursue, and everyone promises to contribute to the family’s recovery as an example to the addict
  • The interventionist coaches the family for about a year afterward on how to live with a recovering addict

Even if the addict refuses treatment after the workshop-style intervention, the other family members must keep the commitments that they have made to help the whole family recover.

How to Choose an Intervention Model

No matter what model you choose, finding a certified interventionist is essential to addiction recovery. Interventionists will help people deal with addiction and conduct the process properly. If you want to find an intervention model for your situation, call our toll-free helpline. We are available 24 hours a day, so call us now to find the best option for helping your loved one break addiction.

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