Interventions around the Holidays

Interventions around the HolidaysIf you are planning an intervention for a California loved one, be sure you give the meeting the best chances of success by considering whether or not to hold it during the holidays.

Benefits of Holding an Intervention around the Holidays

You should not plan an intervention around a specific date or event, but a holiday may gather together all members of the intervention, which makes it easier to organize. Additionally, the members of the intervention may have additional time off from work during the holidays, so they can plan and conduct the intervention with more freedom. Lastly, California residents can help loved ones get settled in a rehab center when they have these two benefits.

Cons of Holding an Intervention around the Holidays

A major concern for holding an intervention during the holidays is that this season can be stressful enough. Between shopping, going to parties and traveling, California residents may have greater stress during the holidays. Also, the holidays are often celebratory, happy occasions that people remember for years. If the intervention gets too emotional or fails, then the holiday memory may feel tarnished.

Planning an Intervention around the Holidays

Regardless of the pros and cons, it is important to get your California loved one into rehab as soon as possible. The longer you delay an intervention, the stronger the addiction will get, and the harder it will be for the addict to agree to help. Therefore, if the best time to have your intervention is during the holidays, then start researching now. Learn about the types of interventions and determine which type offers the greatest chances of success.

Should I Hire an Interventionist?

Whenever you decide to hold an intervention, it is wise to hire an interventionist. This person can help California residents with any of the following choices:

  • Finding a facility – Interventionist will understand your loved one’s needs and can find her the right treatment. This professional will also arrange treatment before the meeting, so there is no delay when the addict makes her decision.
  • Help select participants – While everyone who loves the addict may want to participate in the intervention, the interventionist will help choose people who will best encourage treatment. The participants need to have suffered directly from the addict’s behaviors so they can speak from first hand experience. Most importantly, the participants must be able to focus on the addict and prevent their emotions from derailing the meeting.

These are just two of the many benefits that an interventionist can bring to this process, so seek help today with this issue.

California Intervention Help

Holding an intervention is a great way to help drug addicts, but planning and conducting one is difficult. For help with this process, California residents can call our toll-free helpline. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about interventions, so get help today to aid your loved one.

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