How an Interventionist Can Help Your Family

How an Interventionist Can Help Your FamilyStaging an intervention is a great opportunity for your addicted family member to face her addiction and see how it impacts her family. Planning a family intervention without calling on professionals can be a bad idea, especially if you have never attended or staged an intervention. When you hire an interventionist you get access to a wealth of knowledge, intervention help, and incredible resources that simply cannot be learned by reading a book or article online.

How Interventionists Work

The majority of interventionists have orchestrated a successful intervention. While the plans for interventions are similar, they will also be customized to meet the unique needs that your loved one has. Interventionists do the following:

  • Your interventionist will get a bit of background information about your family member in order to develop an idea about his personality and the severity of the addiction.
  • Then interventionists will develop a customized plan for this intervention.
  • You will learn the basics of how to do an intervention, as well as what could be expected during the process.
  • You will receive family meetings, planning assistance and more.
  • During both the planning stages and the actual intervention, you will have the full support and help of the interventionist that you hired.

The Goal of an Addiction Intervention

Remember that an intervention’s sole purpose is to help your addicted family member recognize that she needs help. Interventions are not the following:

  • An intervention is not an opportunity to scream and otherwise express displeasure for your family member.
  • An intervention is not meant as a chance to deal out blame.
  • An intervention is not a chance to judge your family member for his addiction. Remember that addiction can happen to anyone at any point in time.

An intervention is a method of demonstrating to your family member how her addictive behavior is damaging the family as a whole. As a general rule of thumb, kids under the age of 15 shouldn’t be included in the intervention due to the sensitive topics being discussed.

Addiction Intervention Help

Once you have conducted an intervention, it is then time to get your family member into a rehab facility. Give our knowledgeable counselors a call so that they can confidentially provide you with the intervention help that you and your loved one need.

We can provide you with a list of intervention resources and referrals to point you in the right direction for your intervention planning. When you stage a rehab intervention you are giving your addicted family member and your family as a whole the opportunity to seek out help that can transform your lives back into something that you recognize.

Calls are toll free and completely confidential to our 24 hour helpline. Ask us how we can make rehab possible and affordable for you and your family.

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