Starting a Discussion about Addiction Recovery

Starting a Discussion about Addiction RecoveryAdjusting to life after rehab can be difficult for anyone, especially because the recovery process is far from over. Friends and family members do not know exactly what an addict went through during and even before their treatment. Relationships may have been strained or damaged and need to be repaired, but this can be difficult due to the great feelings of discomfort. Addiction can put what seems like a mountain between an addict and loved ones. Because support from family and friends is such a crucial part of the recovery process, an addict will need to mend these relationships to succeed in long-term recovery.

Talking to Loved Ones about Your Addiction Recovery

When talking to loved ones about your addiction recovery, try to remember they may be curious, hurt, or just as uncomfortable as you are. Good communication skills and honesty will go a long way in mending damaged or broken relationships. Always consider others’ feelings, but don’t withhold truth. You can open up the conversation by discussing what happened while you were in rehab. Start by talking about the basics—this will help break the ice and will certainly be followed by questions. Make sure to reiterate your intentions of maintaining your sobriety and ask for their help and support. The rest of the discussion can go as you please. A few topics to think about discussing may include the following:

  • Anything said or done while under the influence that may still need to be resolved
  • What each person in the relationship can do to communicate their feelings in a healthy, open way
  • How you will deal with problems, arguments or other complications
  • How your friends and family need a zero tolerance policy for drug use
  • Ways to help one another grow in the relationship
  • A plan of action and a new lifestyle that will encourage sobriety

Talking to Your Children about Your Addiction Recovery Process

Talking to a child about addiction recovery can be one of the most difficult things you will have to do. Children may still have feelings of guilt, confusion, shame, hurt, disappointment, or anger. Before you start your discussion, pause for a moment to consider what you want to say and why you want to say it. Most children will not be fooled by an insincere apology, or a feeble attempt to lessen your own guilt. Children also do not want a lecture about how they should not repeat the behavior they have witnessed themselves. Before speaking to your children about addiction recovery, think about the ultimate goal of healing the strained relationship. A child doesn’t want to hear excuses, justifications or empty promises. Be honest and ask for forgiveness.

Ease Back Into Life after Addiction Treatment

If you, your family and loved ones need help readjusting after drug treatment, please let us help you. Call our toll-free helpline today to speak to a rehab professional about addiction recovery. We are here 24 hours a day to keep both you and your family on track with your recovery, so let us make the transition as easy as possible for you. Your relationships and life and waiting to spark again, let us help you find that.

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