Recovery Challenges Facing Single Mothers

Recovery Challenges Facing Single MothersSingle mothers have unique challenges when it comes to dealing with addiction recovery. The addiction may have contributed to the divorce or it may have been caused by the emotional challenges of a marriage breakup. In either case, getting the right help can be difficult due to the lack of trustworthy childcare or the stigma attached to single mothers needing the help of addiction rehab. Whatever the reason for the substance abuse, single mothers need the support of family, friends, and addiction services to begin healing from drug or alcohol addiction. Helping these single mothers is not only the right thing to do, but Californians who do so help their communities as well.

Single-Parent Challenges

Although all parents deal with a variety of challenges when raising children, single parents deal with these challenges primarily alone. No matter the level of your ex-spouse’s involvement with your children, the day to day struggles of raising children are increased. Financial challenges, balancing work commitments with parenting duties, dealing with school work, and coping when a child is sick, are all things the custodial parent must face on a daily basis. Sometimes the stress from shouldering all the weight of the parenting responsibilities can result in an unhealthy emotional state of mind. This can lead to the temptation to self-medicate with alcohol, prescription drugs, or street drugs. This is especially true if a single mother has dealt with substance abuse issues in the past or has a personal or family history of depression or other mental illness. Single mothers may begin to feel like they cannot cope with the daily challenges of raising children on their own without the help of their drug of choice. Californians should be aware of this situation in the lives of those they love so they can help if needed.

Single-Parent Drug Treatment

Single mothers face unique challenges when it comes to realizing they need help with substance abuse. Substance abuse is characterized by the lack of interest and devotion to normal responsibilities and obligations, and this includes properly caring for children. At first it may seem to the single mother that her drug of choice is helping her do all the things she needs to do, but eventually, it will become what she lives for rather than caring for her children. At this stage, getting into treatment is the only choice for both her health and the health and well-being of her children. If you are a single mother struggling with addiction, the best thing you can do for your children and yourself is to get treatment. Some ways Californian single-moms can get help include:

  • Reaching out to close family members or friends to help care for your children
  • Talking to your doctor about how to get help
  • Discussing your need for treatment with your co-parent and arranging extra parenting time with him so you can get the help you need
  • Taking advantage of outpatient treatment programs that allow you to stay at home while getting treatment

Finding Help for Drug Addiction

If you are a single mother in California struggling with substance abuse, the best thing you can do for your family is to get help. If you are worried about the financial aspect of treatment, our admissions coordinators can answer your questions about types of care, costs, insurance coverage, or any other questions you may have about rehab. Take the first step. Call our toll-free number, we’re available 24 hours a day.

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