Overcoming Recovery Plateaus

Overcoming Recovery PlateausRecovery plateaus can be one of the most challenging aspects of addiction recovery, because addicts may feel that they are at a standstill in their progress. During this time, motivation levels might drop and addicts may lack energy, which can cause depression. However, it is important for all California drug addicts to remember that recovery plateaus are part of the process, and that they are usually only temporary. In fact, these plateaus often lead to great success, so get help today to overcome this problem and press on with recovery.

How to Overcome Recovery Plateaus

To prepare for recovery plateaus, learn how to work through them so you can be ready when one occurs. Some of the best ways to overcome a recovery plateau include the following suggestions:

  • Look forward to something – Recovery plateaus can make you feel as though you have nothing to look forward to. However, while life may not always be exciting, you can still give yourself something to enjoy. Find an activity or hobby that keeps you interested in life, and even start stashing away some extra cash to go on a trip if you need a change of pace.
  • Review your motivations – Keep a list of reasons why you chose to go into treatment so that you can review them when you experience stagnancy
  • Have a sense of humor – Even though their situations are serious, California residents should take some moments to lighten their moods from time to time. Taking yourself too seriously can only damage your recovery and cause you to feel trapped, so approach sobriety with the same attitude that helps you overcome other problems.
  • Lean on your support system – Whether you attend group meetings or have strong family involvement, let your support system know how you are feeling. Keying them into your recovery plateau empowers them to help you with their unconditional love.

By planning something exciting, revisiting your motivations, maintaining a strong sense of humor and cluing your support system in to your struggles, you can keep recovery plateaus short. In short, California residents can succeed with the right help.

Addiction Treatment Help

Even if you have already gone through treatment and are in recovery, you can still remain connected to treatment services to move past recovery plateaus. Through outpatient treatment such as support groups, therapy sessions and more, you can anticipate short-term recovery plateaus and overcome them.

California Addiction Recovery

Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to get the assistance you need to maintain a strong recovery status. Do not wait any longer while you struggle with a recovery plateau; call us today for instant support.

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