Finding Spirituality during Addiction Recovery

Finding Spirituality during Addiction RecoveryIt is a well-known fact among mental health experts that spirituality is an enormously beneficial ingredient in the recovery process. In fact, connecting to a higher power and living an introspective and purpose-filled life aids in all kinds of healing. Addiction is, after all, a disease of the body and the mind. While medical care can be an excellent source of physical healing, California addicts can also benefit from spiritual care when recovering from addiction.

How Spirituality Can Help California Residents with Addiction Recovery

Many people mistakenly confuse spirituality with religion. The word “religion” refers to rituals, practices and beliefs that are common to a given group of people as they pursue a connection to a supernatural world. These rituals and practices tend to include specific rules that adherents must live by. Spirituality, on the other hand, is about an individual or community and their connection to a higher purpose or calling for their life. Some examples of spirituality that California residents can practice that may or may not be connected to a particular religious perspective include the following:

  • Personal prayer time
  • Inner reflection, meditation or contemplation
  • Generosity
  • Serving others
  • Engaging in healthy and meaningful community with others
  • Reading and learning
  • Maintaining teach-ability and flexibility
  • Seeking the good, the true and the beautiful
  • Communicating honestly and openly
  • Maintaining a higher perspective on personal health
  • Embracing a sense of purpose that goes beyond the accumulation of material gain
  • Learning to forgive
  • Investing time and effort in the cultivation of healthy personal habits

These perspectives can be found in a wide variety of different traditions. The original 12-steps of recovery are based on many of these principals.

How Spirituality Aids in Recovery
Addiction is a very selfish disease. The addict’s perspective is often focused on meeting his own needs with no delay. Spirituality helps to develop new thought habits and attitudes that add meaning and enjoyment to life. It aids in the cultivation of inner peace and comfort of mind. Some spiritually minded people can even find meaning in the pain and frustration of the recovery process. The eastern process of cultivating “mindfulness” can be found in a wide range of religious and secular traditions.

Many addicts first encounter the concept of spirituality while in rehab. Even individuals with no religious background can benefit profoundly from a spiritual perspective on recovery. Many find that connecting to their own spirituality not only aids in their recovery, it adds a new level of meaning and purpose to their daily life.

Spiritually Engaged Recovery Programs for California Addicts

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of spiritually engaged recovery programs, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our counselors will take your call any time of day or night and will connect you with the best treatment resources for your specific needs. The spiritual principals of recovery are compatible with any religious perspective or no religious perspective at all. Get connected to yourself, your higher power and a community of others who are in your corner. Call now.

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