Seven Signs that You’re Enabling an Addict

Seven Signs that You're Enabling an Addict

Enablers often blame themselves for the addiction’s development

Enabling is an act that unintentionally bolsters an addict’s behavior by diminishing its natural consequences. Though the intentions may be sincere, enablers hurt addicts by preventing them from experiencing the full effects of their substance abuse. Instead of creating incentive to change, the enabling acts often make the addict feel more protected. Read more

What Should I Do If Friends Pressure Me to Use Drugs?

What Should I Do If Friends Pressure Me to Use Drugs?Peer pressure can do influence the decisions you make in life, especially when it comes to using drugs. Even though you might feel independent and self-confident in your decisions, it can be easy to give in to peer pressure in an attempt to gain acceptance. However, it is important to understand that giving in to this type of peer pressure can result in drug abuse and addiction, and may even cause you to pressure others into doing drugs as well. California residents should learn how to say no to drugs and avoid peer pressure and addiction. Read more

How Do I Help Someone Who Only Contacts Me When He or She Is High?

How do I help someone who only contacts me when he or she is high?How do you help an addict who only reaches out to you when they are under the influence? How do you convince that person to seek treatment when he or she is clearly in no mental shape to understand and respond appropriately to what you are saying? Choosing to do nothing to help can have potentially life-threatening results for the addicted person. If you are worried about addicted family members or are worried about addicted friends, it is up to you to reach out and do what you can.
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