Why Do Many People in Recovery Work in the Treatment Field?

Addiction is a limiting disease that gradually, or abruptly, ends relationships, career opportunities and physical and mental health. A life in recovery is full of new possibilities and options for change, health and growth. Once a person has regained health, rebuilt relationships and learned skills and strategies for navigating a drug-free life, he often begins looking for employment. This job search may lead him right back to where he found strength and healing to begin with—addiction treatment.

Change and Employment After Addiction

Those pursuing long-term recovery often begin their sober, healthy lives with a career change. Old career paths may no longer be available due to the consequences of addiction, or individuals may find that the stress of, unhappiness in or dissatisfaction with an old job contributed to drug use and addiction. Even if an old job is still available, recovering individuals may find that their passions now lie elsewhere. Since helping others is one way to strengthen personal sobriety while giving back, many find working in addiction treatment to be their calling.

The Benefits of Working in the Recovery Field

Working in addiction treatment provides direct benefits for those in recovery. It provides constant reminders of how far they have come and is a constant source of social support and accountability for sobriety. The presence of recovering individuals in the recovery field also benefits those still seeking recovery. As an article in the National Institute on Drug Abuse states, “Many counselors in this field are either in recovery themselves or have a family member who was addicted…an in depth knowledge of addiction and the tools for recovery and an ability to empathize with the patient are essential attributes of an effective addiction counselor” (“An Individual Drug Counseling Approach to Treat Cocaine Addiction”). Being in recovery allows counselors, therapists and treatment staff to truly understand what patients are going through and offer a living example of the benefits of treatment and the possibility of a healthy, satisfying and sober life.

Finding Professional Addiction Help

If you are ready to begin the transition to a healthy, drug-free life, call our toll-free helpline today. Many of our admissions coordinators are in recovery themselves, and all are caring, experienced and knowledgeable individuals that will connect you to real and effective options for addiction recovery. We are here for you 24 hours a day, so please don’t hesitate to begin your recovery journey today; call now.

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