Should I Cut an Addict out of My Life?

Should I Cut an Addict out of My Life?Drugs can have a terrible effect on the personality of the addict. They cause addicts to do or say terrible things, isolate themselves from loved ones and change their priorities to focus on drugs. This is a result of chemical changes that occur in the brain of an addict. However you know the individual is still your loved one beneath the new, abrasive exterior, and you want to help that lost friend or family member. While it is important to reach out and offer help and support, it is more important to not endanger yourself. If the addict’s lifestyle in any way puts you at risk, you need to create boundaries for your own safety. You don’t want to become an addict or enabler in your attempt to save your friend from addiction, and you don’t want to lose your own health and wellbeing.

How Addiction Affects You

There is a fine line between enabling addiction and providing proper care and recovery support for an addict. You can love, shelter and feed a family or a loved one, but, if they have an addiction, these actions can also support a continuing drug use habit. Addicts will become increasingly desperate to get their hands on more drugs, and they will not hesitate to steal from or lie to loved ones. If you allow an addict to steal money or items from you, you are empowering their addiction. Remove access to money or valuables, and change passwords that give access to money or online shopping. Do not have cash available, and keep an eye on your purse or wallet at all times.

If illegal or non-prescribed drugs are found on your property, you can be held legally responsible for possession regardless of personal use. Possession can result in heavy fines and even jail time. Encourage a loved one’s sobriety, but don’t put your own way of life in danger because of the habits of a friend.

Helping an Addicted Friend or Family Member

The best way you can help an addict is by being there, voicing your concerning and supporting any efforts to get clean. If or when they have a serious desire to quit, you should provide them with the emotional support they need. Providing a shoulder for them to cry on costs you nothing and can be just what they require to get them on the road towards recovery. Be ready to help them research treatment options, and have information about recovery on hand.

Although you want to be there for your friend, first keep yourself safe. Leave whenever your friend or family member uses, and do not allow him or her to be around you when high. If you are considering cutting an addict out of your life entirely, first talk with an addiction counselor and make sure the decision is best for you and the addict. It can be the right choice, but it can also damage relationships, and you need objective help to see all sides of the situation and to create the best and safest plan for all involved.

If you choose to live a life separate from the influences of addiction, let the addicted individual know there is a choice between your relationship and the drug. If they refuse to attempt treatment, then it is not you cutting them out of your life. They are the ones making that decision. Whenever they decide to change their current lifestyle, be ready to accept them and support them in recovery.

Get Help for Your Addicted Loved One

If you know an addict or believe someone you know is at risk, call our toll-free helpline. We are here to provide information, help you assess your situation and move forward and support your and your loved one’s health and recovery. You can escape addiction and support your friend or family member, and we are here to help you do so. Please call our 24 hour helpline now.

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