Are Interventions Like What I See on TV?

Are Interventions Like What I See on TV?Interventions are not only the rock bottom for the user, but also the rock bottom for his family and friends. It is when everyone gathers to establish limits and expectations for the user. A&E’s Intervention follows addicts through abuse, addiction and treatment. The entire storyline revolves around one user who struggles with addiction, and frequently climaxes with an intervention with the user’s family and friends. This depicts with considerable accuracy the intervention process, but all TV depictions will not be so honest.

What Happens during an Intervention?

Some TV shows depict some steps leading up to the intervention as well as the meeting. These steps can include the following methods:

  • Planning. A licensed interventionist will gather an addict’s friends and family to create a plan of action. She will explain that the common goal is to heal their loved one. She will then instruct the family to write letters to the user, explaining how much they care for him and how his drug abuse has affected their lives. They must provide examples of how their relationships will change if the user does not seek treatment. This can help push addicts to seek rehab. The entire family must work together to save their loved one.
  • The reveal. Once family members have made plans, written letters and agreed on their ultimatums, they must bring the user to them. Once the user realizes what is going on, she may react in a number of ways. Common reactions on shows (as well as in reality) include the user leaving, talking defensively and sometimes listening. Either way, it is never certain how she will respond to what can seem like a sneak attack.
  • The intervention. If a user listens to his friends and family, he will hear the limitations the family will place. These can include stopping financial flow, no longer providing shelter, ceasing of communication etc. The limitations are designed to get the user to think of a life damaged so deeply by drugs that it almost seems unbearable.

These instances and experiences can be seen weekly on many TV shows. While the show Intervention is edited due to time constraints, it is not edited to appear friendly. This particular show depicts the correct steps, facts and common goals of addiction recovery. What interventions are like on this specific show are quite similar to what they are like in reality.

Help with an Intervention

Interventions are difficult and hard to navigate alone. Please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline and get connected with recovery professionals. Do not hesitate to get help with an intervention.

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