Dealing with a Loved One’s Overdose

Dealing with a Loved One's OverdoseIt can be an incredibly overwhelming and helpless feeling to watch your loved one in California overdose. The adrenaline rush that will get you through the medical emergency aspect will soon wear off once your loved one’s physical health is in a stable state. The problem that now needs to be addressed is that simply restoring your loved one to a relatively good state of physical health will not solve the problem that led to the overdose.

The only true solution will be to reach out for drug overdose help from a rehabilitation facility that is well equipped to handle your loved one’s addiction . Without the proper help in an addiction and recovery facility, your loved one is at an increased risk of a repeat overdose. The next overdose may be fatal.

Getting Help for Your California Loved One after Drug Overdose

As soon as is possible, your loved one in California needs to be evaluated by a professional who will be able to determine the level of care that he or she needs. A survivor of overdose who does not receive professional care in a rehab facility is almost twice as likely to suffer a repeat overdose, and is at a higher risk of a potentially lethal overdose. The sooner that you get your survivor of overdose into a rehab program to address the addiction, the sooner you will be able to save his or her life.

In a rehab facility your loved one will be able to address all aspects of the addiction and also work through the underlying issues that may have been responsible for the addiction initially becoming a factor in his or her life. Your loved one will learn more about the valuable coping skills that can help prevent a relapse in the future.

Getting Help for California Family Members after Drug Overdose

In the midst of a crisis it can be all too easy to lose sight of the fact that other members of the family are trying to process their own feelings about your loved one’s overdose. The reality is that the family members of an overdosing addict may be at risk for their own addictive behaviors to set in. Younger siblings in particular are at a higher risk for developing an addiction as they watch their brother or sister going through the challenges of an addiction.

The sooner you get family counseling, the sooner you will be able to get all of the members of your family the valuable help they need as they process their own conflicted emotions about the overdose.

This should serve as a stark reminder that addiction doesn’t just impact the addict. Addiction has far reaching consequences for every single member of your family in California.

Getting Help for Yourself after a Loved One’s Overdose

After your loved one in California overdoses on drugs you will need to focus some time and energy on your own mental and physical health so as not to become overwhelmed and resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms. You may even be tempted to lean on alcohol or a prescription anti-anxiety medication as a means of coping with everything that you are struggling with.

This is absolutely not a path that you want to go down. With this in mind, it is essential that you get the right type of family addiction help that will provide you with the in-depth counseling you need to help you process everything on your plate. Failing to reach out for the right type of family counseling could have damaging consequences for your own health, and for the stability of your family.

Professional Addiction Help for California Families

If you are looking for the right type of drug overdose help it is essential that you reach out to our toll-free helpline. Our counselors are knowledgeable and will ensure that your conversation is completely confidential. They can help your family in California find the treatment and resources they need to overcome both the physical and psychological toll of addiction.

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