Why You Shouldn’t Use Adderall as a Performance Enhancer

Why You Shouldn't Use Adderall as a Performance Enhancer

Students sometimes use Adderall as a Performance Enhancer

Increased success, earnings and performance are becoming top demands in people’s lives in societies around the world. While this drive to succeed often results in new companies, new inventions and personal successes, there are times when this drive to succeed begins to impact our lives in unhealthy and even dangerous ways.

Anyone can agree that balance in life is important. However, many of us feel the incredible pressure and anxiety that results from fear of failure. When income and outcomes in life depend on performance, some feelings of stress are normal. However, when individuals abuse Adderall, Ritalin, or other stimulants to increase performance, they can develop addictions and other health effects like sudden and deadly heart problems.

Adderall as Part of College Life

“Popping an Addie” has become a common phrase among college students in America. Once college is over, and competitive careers begin in a shaky economy, this stimulant abuse is not likely to end.

Many students and career-minded professionals alike assume that this drug is safe because it is a prescription drug. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Doctors may even prescribe this drug without thoroughly discussing the risks with their patients. Many young people have never had their heart monitored or tested and may find that the addition of a stimulant, especially if not taken regularly or as prescribed, can trigger and aggravate previously undetected problems like heart murmurs, high blood pressure or rapid heart rate.

Digestive diseases, breathing problems, emotional or mental health disorders and more can all be triggered by stimulants. In some cases, these issues may begin even after the user has taken Adderall for some time in the past. Because our bodies constantly change and evolve, stimulants can affect health processes differently at different times.

Adderall as an Athletic Performance Enhancer

Athletes, performers, and even people trying to get into shape may abuse Adderall or Ritalin. Some people believe that these drugs create a performance enhancement, as these stimulants may lead to a burst of energy.

Unfortunately, these drugs also lead to a rapid heart rate, which, combined with the heart rate increase of exercise, can lead to an instant stroke, heart attack, or other major coronary event. Adderall is similar to cocaine. It is a class 2 controlled substance. In high doses, Adderall acts like cocaine and leads to very real and serious cardiac changes in users.

While winning is an ideal goal, winning is not worth your life. Please consider how using these drugs can land you in a serious state of illness, which will ultimately destroy your ability to perform in the long run.

When Adderall Becomes a Problem—Seek Help

Over time, any Adderall user will eventually require more of this drug in order to feel the same effects. This dependency will increase until the user begins taking larger doses in an attempt to feel the same high. Amphetamine dependence leads to addiction, and a safe detox is the only way for the Adderall user’s body to adjust and return to normal functioning.

If you are struggling with Adderall addiction, call our 24 hour helpline to get the treatment you need. Our assistance services are free to you and we can offer you information on addiction treatment, Adderall rehab, family counseling, medically supervised detox programs, insurance help, intervention services and more.

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