Drug Abuse and Self-Harm

Drug Abuse and Self-HarmHelp for self-harm is just a phone call away, but you may be concerned about whether the negative behaviors you see are truly considered self-harm. California residents may harm themselves in a number of ways, including with drugs, so it can be beneficial to understand what classifies as self-harm and when you should seek help.

What Is Self-Mutilation?

California residents may wonder what is self-harm, and how does it differ from self-mutilation? You may be inclined to think that they are entirely separate—and they are to a certain degree. However, the truth is that any deliberate behavior that damages one’s own physical or emotional wellbeing is harmful and requires treatment.

On one hand, self-mutilation involves defiling one’s body, including deliberately inflicting a wound on the body, cutting oneself with a knife or razor blade, or burning one’s skin with lighters, candles or even erasers. On the other hand, self-harm can include eating disorders, shoplifting, alcohol abuse, self-harm with drugs and promiscuous behavior. The former deals with physical harm, and the second involves abusing oneself.

Often there is a strong connection between self-mutilation and addiction. Self-mutilation can even become an addiction, as California residents abuse drugs or alcohol to medicate their painful feelings. The danger is that, while those who practice self-mutilation and addiction may not attempt suicide, they often have suicidal thoughts. Furthermore, self-harm with drugs can lead to accidental overdose or other life-threatening concerns.

Causes of Self-Harm

Usually at the heart of self-harm is mental illness or anguish. Many professionals do not consider self-harm as a mental illness, but those who have mental illnesses or addictions have higher risks for developing self-harming behaviors. Some of the illnesses that could lead to self-harm include bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, anxiety or phobias. In some cases, there are some similarities between self-harming and Munchausen Syndrome, where people fake being ill or deliberately harm themselves to gain attention. However, California residents who engage in self-harming behaviors are less concerned with getting medical attention, so they may hide the behaviors that they know are unhealthy.

Furthermore, when people abuse drugs, they may try to self-medicate their pain and harm their bodies at the same time.

California Help for Drug Abuse and Self-Harm

Help for drug abuse and self-harm is a phone call away. Our drug and alcohol treatment programs offer treatment to help you or a California loved one get the valuable help you need. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline anytime to speak with one of our professional counselors. Self-harm treatment can help you work through your addictive behaviors and underlying mental illnesses while you prepare you for a healthier life free from addiction.

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