The Effects of Drinking and Hangovers on Job Performance

The Effects of Drinking and Hangovers on Job PerformanceIt is extremely noticeable when fellow coworkers come to work drunk.  Not only is their speech slurred and reaction time reduced, but they also place others’ lives in harm by not being able to properly follow work instructions, especially in manufacturing.  The same goes for individuals suffering from a hangover; everyone notices a change in behavior and working ability. 

Hangover Symptoms

Most individuals who drink alcohol will at some point in their life experience a hangover.  The following are some of the most common hangover symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Body aches
  • Sensitivity to light and noise

Depending on the severity of the hangover, an individual may experience mild to severe symptoms.  The most common hangover signs are headaches, body aches, and sensitivity to light and noise.  Individuals suffering from hangovers are also more “emotionally charged.”  For example, they become angry more quickly, and it may take very little to set them off.  They may sleep all day and eat a small amount due to their upset stomach.  Each individual experiences different side effects at different intensities.

How Hangovers Affect Work

Working while experiencing a hangover can impact many aspects of an individual’s work performance, such as in the following ways:

  • Slowing working pace
  • Impacting thinking abilities
  • Affecting mood

Even individuals suffering from a mild hangover can experience a lag or a slower working pace when compared to days they are not suffering from a hangover.  An individual’s thinking ability becomes sluggish due to headaches, sensitivity to light and noise, and an overall bad attitude.  Forgetfulness may also be common and may result in thoughts such as where did I put that paper, what time is the meeting, and did I already perform that task?  The more severe the hangover is, the more an individual’s job performance suffers.  Not only will coworkers start to notice, but also chances are the manager will begin to take note and start to watch the individual more carefully.

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