Alcohol Abuse Rates in European Countries

Alcohol Abuse Rates in European CountriesIf California residents move to Europe or are traveling in a European country, you should be well informed of the threats you could face regarding alcohol. Alcohol abuse is prevalent in the US, but in Europe it is even more widespread. When you are in Europe, alcohol abuse will be even more of a temptation than it is back home, so you must avoid abusing this debilitating substance. Alcohol abuse only on occasion will put you at risk of developing alcoholism, experiencing alcohol poisoning or dealing with another problem associated with alcohol abuse. Therefore, you should avoid alcohol abuse at all costs, and you should determine how to safeguard yourself from any potential for relapse, if you are recovering from addiction.

European Alcohol Abuse Statistics

In pop culture, there are many references to European alcohol consumption, whether it is Oktoberfest in Germany or Russia’s affinity for vodka. While pop culture often misrepresents other nations, it appears that this depiction accurately portrays Europe given many statistics regarding alcohol abuse. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Europe has the highest proportion in the world of total ill health and premature death due to alcohol. The WHO also estimates that over 20% of the European population that is 15 or older reports heavy drinking (5 or more drinks) at least once per week. This type of heavy binge drinking explains why Europe has so many health problems related to alcohol. California residents who believe Europe has fewer problems with alcohol are wrong, and they should protect themselves from alcohol abuse if they travel to this continent.

Reasons for Europe’s Alcohol Abuse

The main reason Europe experiences higher rates of alcohol consumption than other countries is that generally alcohol is more acceptable in Europe. Being drunk in public in the US is often considered an embarrassment, but in Europe it is not frowned upon as much. Also, the drinking age in Europe is 18 compared to 21 in the United States. Because alcohol users begin drinking legally at an earlier age in Europe, this may lead to higher abuse numbers across all age groups. However, these problems do not mean that California residents will not struggle with alcoholism, and they should seek professional treatment if they have any problem with drinking.

California Alcoholism Treatment

If you struggle with alcohol abuse in California and are soon traveling to Europe, you should seek treatment for your addiction before you leave. Without treatment, going to Europe can be too much to handle for an alcoholic, and it can worsen your addiction. Our addiction counselors are standing by 24 hours a day at a toll-free helpline to enroll you in an effective alcohol addiction treatment center, so call us today for instant support.

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