Internet Addiction Intervention

Internet Addiction InterventionRoughly 1 in 8 Americans are battling an internet addiction, where they are using the web in a compulsive manner that begins to take control of their lives. For many internet addicts, they have damaged relationships with their loved ones as they have been fixated on the internet instead of their friends and family. They might have also had difficulties at work, potentially threatening their employment, or even losing their jobs over their lack of attention to their job requirements. As the addiction grows stronger, an internet addict can even begin to change their identity online and masquerade as something they are not. As these issues develop, it is important to put an end to these behaviors to promote a healthy lifestyle.

What to Discuss During an Internet Addiction Intervention

Your loved one might not be ready to let go of their internet addiction or even feel that it is a problem, however it is crucial that you and your family band together to conduct an effective intervention to help them get off the web.

  • Address the problem – Do not sweep this issue under the rug any longer. During the intervention, talk about what behaviors you and your family have been seeing from your loved one that solidify your diagnosis of an internet addiction. Be sure to leave the forum open so the addict can speak, too.
  • Talk pain – Talk about your pain as a result of your loved one’s addiction. Let them know how their internet use has impacted you. This can include anything from being left to clean up the house on your own to feeling isolated from your loved one. Letting them know how their actions are impacting you can help shine a light on the problem.
  • Deliver the bottom line – As with all interventions, it is important that you set boundaries with your loved one so they know what is and what is not acceptable in your book. Doing so might include no longer providing them with a place to surf the web, or even a source to hook up to the internet until they get help.
  • Provide treatment options – An intervention cannot come to a close without the presentation of possible treatment options for the addict. Make sure that you and your family have found treatment options that can help your loved one overcome their internet addiction. Doing so can show allow for you to show your support for your loved one as well as provide them with the encouragement to get help.

Internet addiction is just as dangerous as any other addiction; it can greatly impact a user’s life as well as those around them. Everything from a poor diet to lack of socialization can fuel this addiction, but by conducting a well-planned intervention, you can help your loved one come out on the other side as a healthy human being.

Do You Need Help Holding an Intervention for a Loved One?

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