Has Digital Media Affected Process Addiction?

Has Digital Media Affected Process Addiction?

Digital media can become addictive

Our modern lives are immersed in digital media and technology. We communicate with others online, and our entertainment and leisure are provided by video games, television and mass media. Internet and mobile phones are an essential part of organization and connectivity in our lives. Although moderate use of digital media definitely provides a number of benefits to Californians, there have been increasing concerns about process addiction, a unique type of addiction to activities and behaviors.

When Does Internet Use Become Behavior Addiction?

Addiction and the internet have a long established relationship. Internet use is considered to be a process addiction when:

  • An individual uses it compulsively
  • He or she fails to control online time
  • It interferes with normal activities and relationships

The problem is often compounded by withdrawal symptoms like depression, tension or anger when the individual is unable to access the internet. These withdrawal symptoms can lead to unhappy moods, fatigue, isolation and arguments.

While non-drug addiction is still a controversial topic when compared to substance abuse, it does affect a large number of people today. Gambling, online shopping and excessive social media use are considered to be disorders related to impulse control and function similarly to substance addictions. Affected individuals showcase signs of excessive use, withdrawal, tolerance and repeated unsuccessful attempts to cut back use, just like substance abusers.

How Does Digital Media Affect Behavior Addiction?

Digital media has many characteristics that make it very appealing to people in California and across the world. Internet offers very stimulating content. Searching for content and finding it easily provides instant gratification. Internet also offers anonymity, allowing users to enjoy the content and indulge in activities without inhibitions. This anonymity encourages users to indulge in activities that they would normally be cautious about because of the fear of getting caught. Gamblers can find a huge range of gambling applications and online casinos on their phones. Being able to play anytime and anywhere instead of having to travel to a physical casino makes it more appealing. The same is the case with online shopping. Having easy access to hundreds of online stores makes it even more difficult for those with behavior addiction to resist it.

The rapid influx of digital technologies has had a huge impact on how we spend our time, work, learn and communicate with others. The convenience and easy access of the internet has lured thousands of people to participate in the digital world. However, this digital revolution also has many negative effects. It has many social impacts such as cyberbullying, privacy risks as well as internet addiction.

Behavior addiction is just like any other type of addiction. It requires professional addiction help and treatment. Call our toll free number today to learn how a process addiction rehab can help you overcome your behavior addiction. We are available 24 hours a day to provide you the information and help you need.

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