Does Yoga Really Boost Recovery from Addiction?

Does Yoga Really Boost Recovery from Addiction?

Yoga Can Boost Recovery

Many people are buzzing about the connection between addiction recovery and yoga. There is no doubt that yoga has some genuine health benefits, but can it help with an addiction? Some people think yoga does help with addiction. Here are a few reasons why.

Yoga Helps Recovering Addicts Relieve Stress

Studies show that addiction is a complicated condition that is impacted by overall health and stress levels. Yoga can help lower stress hormones in the body, which can allow us to feel the greater sense of peace that comes along with increased exercise. Yoga in particular can lower stress and blood pressure. This added sense of calmness and connection helps the yoga practitioner handle stressful situations, stressful temptations and also work through difficult days in healthier ways.

Yoga Helps Recovering Addicts Develop a Spiritual Connection

Many twelve-step groups encourage faith in a higher power, but not everyone belongs to an organized religion. Yoga can be practiced with or without the use of a spiritual practice, but some people incorporate the sense of peace and harmony that yoga provides with a spiritual practice or higher power. Many people experience a sense of peace and comfort very similar to spiritual connection while practicing the harmonic breathing and meditation yoga offers.

Yoga Helps Addicts Replace Old Habits With New Hobbies

Addiction is more than just a habit. When a person becomes addicted to a substance, the brain makes actual changes in serotonin levels, cortisol levels, and other hormonal balances. A full addiction recovery requires more than just detox—it requires some serious life changes. As the addicted person stops old habits, it is very important to replace the addiction with a healthy outlet. Yoga works well for everyone from beginners to experienced athletes, and has been shown to help increase positive emotion hormones in the brain in a healthy way.

Yoga Helps Naturally Regulate Moods

A new type of addiction rehab, integrated rehab, is a type of treatment that integrates both addiction treatment and emotional support treatment. By using natural methods, such as yoga and diet, an addicted person can learn to regulate moods in natural, healthy ways. While some issues do require antidepressants or mood stabilizers, yoga and other natural methods can help the patient keep medicine levels as low as safely possible.

Natural, Integrated Addiction Help

When someone you care about struggles with addiction, there are a number of treatment options available. If you have struggled with addiction in the past, and are concerned about a relapse, there may be ways you can boost your recovery and avoid relapse through addiction support, addiction counseling or even an integrated, luxury rehab.

No matter your needs or your budget, our helpline can assist you or someone you love to find lasting recovery. Our helpline is toll-free and offers information, referrals and real-time support by experienced addiction professionals 24 hours a day. Find out how we can help you today.

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